Monday, April 20, 2009

106 of 365 memories....2016

That is the year that my son Jakob is planning on being in and breaking Michael Phelps record for the most gold medals won in the Olympics. On October 9th of this year, the city that will host the Summer games will be announced. So peeps, it looks like our travel destinations will be 1 of these 4: Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo. Not to bad. I would love to go to any of these places and scream cheer for my baby boy. Just in case you all think I'm joking, I'M NOT. You know that saying, if there's a will there's a way. Well my boy has more WILL than most grown ups do and his momma will always find the WAY :)


Kristin said...

Go for it Jakob!! Make your mama proud. :-) No pressure, of course...

Elizabeth said...

Come to Chicago. I'll meet you there :)

That kid has spunk and stretch (sheesh!)

Security word? Butil

Use it in a sentence: I'll have my butil it falls off doing aerobics.