Thursday, April 16, 2009

Return To Sender

I have until the middle of May to turn in my application to start college in the Fall.
Well let me rephrase that.
I have until the middle of May to turn in my application to hopefully be accepted to start in the Fall.

I started to work more on it today and stopped.
As I have a 1000 times before.

Why you ask?

Can I not afford the fee because of my Chick Fil A sweet tea addiction? WRONG

Have I suddenly forgotten how to spell my name and my social security number? after the Jimmy Buffet concert tonight maybe!

Are the pointless questions you have to answer and the promising of my daughters first loose tooth to much for me to bear? NO NOT REALLY

Then what??


You all know that I'm a dreamer. And a believer in signs and all the hocus pocus (you believe in your crap and I will believe mine :)

I've had quite a few dreams lately that all end like the credits of a movie. And in those credits it reads RETURN TO SENDER, MRS. HEIDI JOHNSON

Hey now, that's me!!

Who is returning my sending??

And I never know who it is.

I have also been having a dream about a purple octopus type creature that steals all my writings from me because he said that I use to much ink! But shouldn't a squid be worried about that, I ask him? He tells me no one likes a smart mouth and plops away.
Now logically (I know your thinking LOGICAL people don't have these kinds of dreams but help me out here!) you would say that its an octopus he can't move that fast, so just get your stuff back. But when I try to run after him, that's when the credits roll.

Are you with me??

OK good, now can you explain it all to me??

Yes I'm crazy BLAH BLAH BLAH
Yes I'm losing pieces of my mind every blessed day BLAH BLAH BLAH, PLEASE tell me something that I don't already know.

Is the octopus that voice that we all have inside of us that says "your not good enough"?
Are the credits rolling right when I'm trying to get a hold of my stuff because I jumping out of my comfort zone for the first time EVER and I doubt myself on pretty much anything that does not pertain to kids?

And basically its up to me to "finish" my story or my dream.

I'm going with curtain #1 because whats behind curtain # 2 in this old brain of mine, would probably be copied and pasted into the form my husband fills out to send me to the funny farm :)

I'm going to finish the application, I'll let you know how the dream ends!


I'm just me... said...

Finish it!!! You will do great!

Denise said...

You're just anxious because this is all new and exciting. But you can do it! You're a very smart woman. Fill it out and send it in, but to be on the safe side make sure 1)you have the correct address and 2) you have enough postage.

What will you major in?

The Dinsmores said...

In the not so distant future, while holding your diploma, you will think back to this moment, laugh and say to yourself "Now, that wasn't so hard after all". You will be FINE!!!!! JUST. DO. IT.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

All I have to say is:

(It's the number to my therapist...)

Just kidding! Do it already...the form I mean. You'll regret not completing it, not even trying to get in. So fill it out and send it in and give yourself some time to get excited about the prospect of something new, something different!

Elizabeth said...

Deep breath...

Now dive in.

This is the hardest part. The rest is all downhill to diploma.

It's time for you.

Elizabeth said...

And my security word was hylobbin, which I believe is Latin for fill in the application and mail it registered mail. .

(I'm a nurse. I knows me some Latin.)

Now this time it's sulat, that means, don't forget correct postage. (Not Latin this time, I think it's Danish)