Wednesday, April 15, 2009

104 of 365 memories... no worries

Somebody went to the dentist today to get a major filling done!
Somebody's momma had a stomach in knots all day today thinking about it!
Somebody said will you hold my hand when we go in?
Somebody said I'm not a little nervous, OK well maybe a lot nervous!
Somebody walked out of the dentist office with a crooked smile and bubbles in her toes!
Somebody made her self and her momma very proud today!
Somebody (maybe 2 people) worried for nothing :)


Elizabeth said...

That's so huge!

What a smile.

Denise said...

It must be dentist week! Jenna and I went on Monday. Only I'm having a coronation soon. Anyway, I'm so behind on my blog reading so onto the next post!

I'm just me... said...

Awww! You go girl!!!