Wednesday, April 15, 2009

103 of 365 memories....Italian anyone??

me, Katie, Kaylee (Carols daughter), Linda and Carol

Yesterday was my girlfriend Carol's birthday. She is my next door neighbor that you all have heard LOTS about. I hate to call her my neighbor because she is SO much more than that!!

We took her to eat her favorite IIIItalian last night. She pronounces it with a little bit of OMF on the I. I know your thinking seriously woman are YOU talking about someone else pronunciation skills, being that I can't say ask correctly. Apparently I say ax, well what ya goin do?

Happy Birthday Carol, my neighbor, my friend, my its 5 o'clock somewhere girl(usually on my porch around 4 :)

We LOVE you!!

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Denise said...

I wanna come hang out on your front porch too!!! I think you should call Carol your friend/neighbor. Or your friend who just so happens to be your neighbor. OR you could introduce her as "this is my neighbor Carol and then we met and it was like we were long lost friends and now I just couldn't live without her." Nah, I think you should go with Friend/Neighbor.