Tuesday, April 14, 2009

our cabin, 2009

I took over 300 pictures last weekend. I know I know, tell you something you didn't already know. But to my defense I deleted over 100, so that's only 200. Well actually I have 223 left, so my Math is a little off, SUE ME!!

I have a lot of the beautiful farm land that we saw and then I have even more of my 3 offspring just being cute.

These are the my favorites, added to the other ones that I have already posted.

The countryside driving up the mountain

(sing it with me!) wide open spaces

have I told you how much we LOVE fireplaces?!


WARNING : don't try this at home! This is the PX2000 yoga style!!

maw maw loving on her girl.

its even pretty when its raining.

hardcore fishermen!

the skies opened up and revealed all this places beauty.

and they were ready!

our view, heaven on earth.

I love when they REALLY love each other!

my boys!

I saw God today.

Ms. C, Brian and Mr. J (he smiles like his momma with his daddy's head)

in he goes

soaking the tootsies

as you probably guessed, to EXTREMELY thankful people.



Looks like you had a good weekend full of fun and family. What could be better!? well, I guess some really good food! :)

I'm just me... said...

This place really does look like heaven on earth. LOVE the updated banner!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

So beautiful! When you live in a place as congested and crowded and busy as my big city it's easy to forget that their are still slices of heaven in this country.

Love all the pics...and the header and new family pic on the side too!

Elizabeth said...

You got the header shot!

Love it all.

Denise said...

Wow! Talk about gorgeous!!! How did you happen upon this place?

Oh, and do your kids really love each other like that all the time? Cause if they do you need to give me some lessons.

The Dinsmores said...

You captured some priceless moments there!