Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are these jars sold in bulk??

Do you ever wish you could bottle something really good up and save it for later, like when your having a bad day?

The feeling of not being able to control the beating of your heart the first time you kissed your spouse.
The first time you smell your newborn babies head and realize you will never be the same again. The way the sun feels on your face as you listen to your favorite song playing in the background. The way the fresh cut grass feels in between your toes.
The way my daughter intertwines her fingers in my hair when we sleep.

There are so many things, that if I could, I would put them in cute jelly jars and label them.
"The feelings I NEVER want to forget."

This morning as I was walking my 2 youngest children down to the bus stop, as I let go of their hands, I pulled them back to my face really quickly. Jakob's hands are no longer fat and dimply. The creases are gone, their slender and smooth now. Hannah hands are changing as we speak. I can see the differences ever day in them. My oldest sons hands are now my husbands hands(excuse me while I find my box of kleenex). When Alex grabs my hand, I have to take a second look, because that hand is very familiar but still SO strangely different all at the same time.

As I let my children's hands go this morning and watched them both waiting patiently in line at the bus stop, I bottled it up and labeled it "# 1,000,001 reasons why I love my LORD!"

No monumental thing happen, no one said anything cute or solved world peace (yet).
It was just, YEAH my life really does ROCK.........

Thank You God, for my memories!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Do you mind passing me a tissue too please?

Beautiful post again...

Denise said...

Watching our babies grow is so bitter sweet. It's amazing to see the people they become but said to see our babies gone.

Kristin said...

Geesh, thanks for the tissue warning there.....


zzboy said...

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Elizabeth said...

So wonderful!

And may I say that zzboy's comment is so dead on! (huh?)