Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding a Happy Medium

Talking to my girlfriend today, we both decided that we are "average" woman and we were both surprisingly OK with that.

I have never been an over achiever anything.
I like feel good things.
I like potato chips and bread, WAY TO MUCH, nothing like fresh, hot buttered bread. Who am I kidding, it doesn't have to be fresh, or even hot and buttered, OK truth be told it can be a hot dog bun for all I care, I just love bread!!
Sorry, I'm rambling and yes I know it was about bread, is that sad?

I talk way to loud and to much about my kids and bread.

I also snort when I laugh. (yes, I am one classy lady)

These things won't change.

Realizing that your an average person isn't really that bad. It's not like accepting a death sentence when you know that you didn't have your hand in the cookie jar.

It's average meaning, a woman taking life one day at a time, making a mean pot of meatballs with jarred sauce.

Knowing what day of the week it is by what activity your kids have that day.

Parking at the end of the parking lot because those 3 miles up hill, just aren't happening today.

Being a size 8-10, when I could be a 6.

Being willing to stand up for any cause I believe in and knowing all the while I can't pronounce it correctly.

All these things, are me.


HERE ME ROAR! (oh yes, I went there :)

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Elizabeth said...

Sweetie, you need a syndicated column.