Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Were Not Crazy!(ok maybe a little )

Hi nice to meet you I'm Cooper!
Hi Cooper,were Iris and Lola and why are you here?
Will you like me if I let you smell me?
Our house guest until Sunday!!

We are dog sitting for our neighbor (not Ms. Carol, we do have other neighbors!) Cooper is his name and he is the fattest and sweetest thing I've seen. He is getting along really well with our girls and everything has been so far so good. They normally put him in a kennel and when he comes home he is hoarse from barking so much and can't poop for a week, his little system just kind of goes crazy, so I told Brian to volunteer our house for him(Ron is our neighbor who Brian rides hundreds of miles on their bikes together). They were so excited not to have to kennel him...if we had to kennel Iris we would not be able to ever travel, she would have a nervous breakdown!! Thanks to Ms. Carol and my grandmother we get to take trips. I'm glad were getting to help someone else! The more the merrier...RIGHT!

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