Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now This Is The Life!!

One of the views from the cabin

Our little slice of heaven

me and my babies!!

we were very proud of our fire!!

oh man they found me!!
our napping spot!
A perfect place to finish his book for his book report

Connect Four
UNO (Jakob was the champ all weekend long)
Yes, my husband is wrestling a 40 pound Alligator Snapping turtle!!!
He was just a little upset!!

daddy baiting Hannah's line
I love this one!

Hannah caught a baby fish
Hannah's friend
Hannah's next friend(notice that neither one of us hold our fish)
momma caught a Bass
Hannah's is almost as big as her!!

My fisherman!

Jakey boy!!
Alex caught the biggest one!!

I think this weekend we finally figured out how to take a RELAXING vacation with the kids! First you take a short drive from Georgia to Tennessee. Next you go up and over a mountain, then to the top of another mountain, to a little place called Fredonia or as we call it "THE MIDDLE OF FREAKIN NO WHERE!!" Where there is no CABLE TV, no CELL PHONE SERVICE and no INTERNET ACCESS! I have to tell you I was just a little bit worried about not having ANY of these comforts. But it ended up being just what the doctor ordered. Brian's Blackberry wasn't going off and my fingers got a break from text messaging....
All we did was fish, play games with our kids and fish some more. Hannah and I found a napping spot out by the water, the boys made catfish traps with their daddy and we all got to take a breath and relax. As I'm looking at these pictures I'm realizing this is going to be one of those trips my kids will never forget....I know I never will!!

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The Dinsmores said...

Sounds like a PERFECT vacation to me!