Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Easter!

Thank You Easter Bunny!!

Nothing like chocolate for breakfast!!
Hannah loved her umbrella

My babies!!

Silly kids!
Happy Easter from the Johnson family!

hunting for eggs!!
where's the eggs??
Hannah found them!
She played with that umbrella all day long!
We had a very relaxing Easter. Brian's parents and my grandmother came over and spent the afternoon with us. We had a nice BBQ and some goodies after....and for some of us Easter meant the end of LENT!! YEAH! Brian got to drink soft drinks, Alex got to have sweets and for me.. alcohol!! I was very proud of us for sticking to it. Every year we always do, but for some reason this year it was HARD!! I hope everyone had as nice of a day as we did!!

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The Dinsmores said...

Love your dress Hannah....Gracie has one just like it! Looks like the Easter Bunny was good to you guys.