Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hannah's Birthday Day!!

On Hannah's birthday Jakob's friends left around 9:30, so the day would be hers. She wanted to go to Six Flags for the day but the weather did not cooperate with those plans. So momma cooked up another top secret plan. Our first Father's Day here(in Georgia) I wanted to do something different for Brian that he would never forget. It was right around when "Cars" the movie was out, so I found this old drive in called SWAN DRIVE IN and we drove up to it. The kids and Brian and I loved it!! Hannah kept asking when could we go back and we kept saying one day(its up around the Blue Ridge mountains, its a beautiful drive, its just a long drive..its a little more than an hour for us).
So that is what we did. She was so excited!! We stopped at this little hole in the wall place to eat(not my choice but my husband thought we should try something LOCAL) when dinner and I'm using the term dinner very loosely here, when it was done we told the waitress it was Hannah's birthday. They put a huge coffee filter on her head and gave her an ice cream cone. That was all worth the nasty food we ate, she loved it!!
Then we got on the road again for the drive in. We got there early to get a good spot. The boys threw their baseball, Hannah blew her bubbles and Brian and I sat back and thought could life be any better? We stayed for both movies, Nim's Island and Horton Here's A Whoo. It was a long day but my baby girl feel asleep with a big smile on her face...isn't that what birthday's are all about!!

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