Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's funny to me that I am the furthest I have ever been from my family but we are the closest we have ever been!!
I needed to start this post with that sentence because when I go to see my family I really feel like we pick up right where we left off. Granted I talk to my momma and daddy everyday sometimes numerous times in one day. So I (almost) always know what is going on!!
Brian, myself the 3 kids and my grandmother left Thursday afternoon, we got back Tuesday night. In those few short days we consumed thousands upon thousands of artery clogging goodness and made some wonderful memories in between. Even though I joke about not wanting Brian to come in with us, this trip has become something that I look forward to doing with the kids by myself. It was nice to have him there. They did some major fishing!! EVERY morning Brian and the boys(including my brother Patrick) got up between 4:30 -5:00, yes A.M. To fish!! So they had a blast!!
We all got lots of time with Cody, which was wonderful!! He is growing like a little weed and is such a good baby!! I enjoy the talks that my momma and I have, sometimes that are about absolutely nothing. My daddy's face lights up something inside of me that I can't even explain, I just know that when he is there, I feel safe....funny how at 32 years old your parents still make everything FEEL BETTER!! When I'm with my 3 brothers I feel like a kid again. And I just love that feeling........we love VISITING Louisiana but after much soul searching on this last trip, I realized how much we love LIVING Georgia!!

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