Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adult Conversation

Brian and I had dinner with the Lipani's last night at was YUMMY! I got bacon wrapped smoked trout(oh my word), it was delicious. My dessert(yes I had dessert) was peach pie, flash fried with vanilla bean ice cream(it was a little slice of heaven)!!
Michael reminded us last night that we have not been out to eat together since right after we evacuated from the hurricane. We had only been in Georgia a day or two, we met them at On the Border which was right by the hotel we were staying at. We all sat there with our kids and kind of didn't know what was going to happen next. That feels like it happened in another lifetime. It has only been three years this August and yet I feel like I have been gone from"home"(Louisiana) for a lot longer than that!
I got off my story(sorry, I tend to do that sometimes), we had a nice dinner with them. Adult conversation is always nice. And of course an evening away wouldn't be complete with someone getting a call saying"sorry but your son hit his head on the coffee table but I stopped the bleeding!!" Not one of my son's but Emily and Michael's boy William. I spoke with Emily this morning and he needed 3 stitches!! Were heading over there in a bit with a SPECIAL SURPRISE for his first stitches....
Thanks guys, we had a nice evening. Maybe next time we can have that drink!!
Thanks Ms. Carol for watching our babies!!

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