Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our summer is almost over! How did this happen? That has been the conversation going on in our house the last couple of days and of course its followed by "OH MAN!"
We have almost finished our hunt for the best sales on school supplies. This has become a mission of mine ever since I had to by 3 kids supplies all at the same time. It might not seem like a lot but it adds up to a very hefty price tag, add in the back to school shoes and clothes and lord help me I could of fed a small country!

Our Fall activities have already been decided and registration fees have been paid, so if anyone changes their mind, their in for a rude awaken! Jakob (as most of you already know) is playing Football, he has also been taking a camp this week from 6-8:30. They work these boys hard and he couldn't be happier! Hummm wonder who he gets that from....
Alex and Hannah have decided to do the Year Round Swim Team. That means no Baseball or Ballet! And they are both fine with that. Hannah would live in a pool if I let her, she had no problems with giving up Ballet. Alex was a little hesitant. Yesterday when we were going to sign Hannah up he decided he wanted to do it also. Between those two they have to be at the pool(not in our subdivision)4 days a week and two of those days at different times. That would be why they can't do anything else!
I have to say I am ready for the craziness to start, I am a glutton for punishment, I know....
I love being busy, the month of June was nice because we did swim team stuff everyday and we hung out at the pool and relaxed(kind of). This month with Bible Camp has gotten us dressed(no swim suits) and out of the house early and being productive(which I love). This is our last week of Camp, then we have 2 weeks and its OVER, SUMMER IS OVER...which leads me back to my first question ,
How did this happen?

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