Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dinner Time!

Okay so I thought I would try something new on here....every couple of days I'm going to post what we have been having for dinner. If I have a recipe to go with it(if its not to long) then I will post it also!! If you girls or guys have a good recipe to add to mine or something you think I can add to it, please by all means tell me!!! I LOVE finding and tweaking new recipes and yes my family is usually my geniuna pigs:)
Sunday we grilled chicken, sausage, pork chops and some bird(one of the guys at Brian's work gave it to him). So tonight I warmed all the meat up, threw it into some baby spinach, chopped up some cucumbers, baby carrots and shredded some pepper jack cheese on top and we also had some corn on the cob!! YUMMY!
About two years ago I started giving the kids a few pieces of lettuce and spinach mixed together as their veggie for that nights dinner. I have to explain to you all that I was a VERY PICKY eater growing up and I did not want my kids to just turn their noses up at everything, so the rule in our house is you have to try everything on your plate...Pretty soon the complaining stopped and we started making great big salads and just putting meat in them!! It takes kids up to 15 times of trying something before they really know if they like it or not!! Now they look forward to salad night, which we do at least once a week. Stayed tuned for tomorrow nights dinner, if you like Italian, I mean REAL ITALIAN, check back in tomorrow. It's Alex's all time favorite!!


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The Dinsmores said...

Can't wait for the Italian receipe!