Sunday, July 13, 2008

How We Got Our Wedding Date(A Walk Down Memory Lane)

This is still one of my most FAVORITE pictures of my husband!

On Tuesday Brian and I will celebrate our 13Th wedding anniversary!! As my husband would say"13 LONG YEARS!" Some of those years have been longer and harder than others, I would say that is normal. Brian and I have grown up together(literally).

Brian and I met in March of 1991,(that just looks like a long time ago!)I was turning 16 in August and he was turning 18 in July. We were friends for the first 4 months, one day we both realized that we liked being together a lot more than being apart!! So we started going out!! The following year Brian joined the Army.....that was HARD! I can honestly say I had no idea how hard that was going to be. I think Brian felt guilty in a way because he was enjoying his experience so much and I was miserable. We ended up deciding that taking "a break" was the best thing for both of us. Our break lasted 2 months and we were back together again!

In October of 1993( a newly 18 year old and 20 year old), we set out to conquer the world or at least Kenner and Metairie(the cities that we both grew up in). We rented an apartment(yes we were leaving in SIN) and then lived with my grandmother while we saved for a house. In January 1995 we decided that in January of 1996 we were going to get married(there was no proposal, no big romantic moment, we loved each other and wanted to get married and we both knew it was time) In February of '95 we bought our first house, I have to say that was one of those moments in life I will never forget, we were 19 and 21 years old. I'm sure both of our parents had doubts through out all this time.....but they let us skin our knees and stand up and try again( something I know I have to work on as my children get older). As we were fixing up our new house and making wedding plans(my dress was ordered, the church was booked, the reception hall was booked) at the end of March we found out we were going to be parents.....that was a little bit of a surprise. A wonderfully beautiful surprise named Alexander!! The wedding was pushed up to July 15Th instead of the following January(I still wore my dress that was suppose to be for a Winter wedding). That was a very crazy time but oh so exciting. Both Brian and I are from very strong parents. Our parents are very different but both nurturing and caring. I'm sure that whole time was crazy and a little sad for both of our parents but they supported our decisions and helped us with everything!

On our wedding day my emotions were everywhere, I was HAPPY, SAD, EXCITED, IMPATIENCE and SICK
Happy- obviously because I was marrying my best friend
Sad-even though I had moved out and on with my life, a part of me still wanted to be a little girl
Excited-to start my married life(which after it was all said and done was the same as my life was before:)
Impatience- I don't like to wait, when I don't know the outcome of something(does that make sense?) if I go on a new ride I just want it to be done so I know if I like it or not.....anticipation KILLS ME!!!
Sick- well in case you missed it I was pregnant!!

Our wedding was wonderful, everyone had a good time. Our reception was one big party and that was what Brian and I wanted, for everyone that was on this crazy journey with us to have a night off and CELEBRATE!!

So that would be how we got our anniversary date. I know some people think why would she post this private question back would be WHY NOT? I'm not ashamed about anything that has happened. Would I have liked to have a little more time at being a newlywed and maybe do some other things before kids.....sure, but that is not what God had planned for us.
In the 17 years that Brian and I have been together, we have made lots mistakes, we have broken each others hearts(and put them back together) and we have GROWN together. We both have different paths that we led everyday but at the end of the day we can't wait to be back together where we started!!


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope it's a good one . . . I know there will be many more to come. Can you imagine when you get to 50 years?!?!

The Dinsmores said...

Happy Anniversary! We wish you many,many more.