Thursday, July 3, 2008

Were off to see Night At The Museum this morning(got to love the Free Summer Movies!)
We will hopefully have pictures today of Ms. Lena's new addition!! They picked up their new little Shelty(I hope I spelled that right) yesterday and his name is Tucker!! We can't wait to meet him....
I need to ask you guys for some extra prayers for me, Brian and my girlfriend Lena for tomorrow. OK so really Brian doesn't need them but my girl and I DO! Were walking/running the Peachtree tomorrow and we(really I) haven't done anything to get ready for this race. Lena plays tennis, so she active and Brian well his Brian. But me, yeah not so much. So I'm wearing my knee brace and hoping for the best!! Last year we had a blast doing it and it was because I had my sista soul right next to me!!(LOVE YOU GIRL!)
I hope everyone has a good day!!
I'm going to make some memories!

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