Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fishing Anyone?

He is a cutie!
Brian and his Bonita!
don't I look like a professional???
That damned thing tried to kill me!
Enjoying the boat ride.
the fishermen and 2 ladies
we got 3 big ones!
the big Barracuda was mine!!
if the boat fits!

there's nothing sexier than a highly intelligent man holding a half dead BARRACUDA!!
just lovely!
Huge Tarpon at the docks!

On Saturday Brian and I went deep sea fishing. The week before this trip, I had lots and lots of dreams about this day. Some not so nice. The one that I kept having looked a lot like the movie "The Perfect Storm". You know the one where the fishermen are at sea and this massive system forms and basically KILLS THEM...in between, they encounter a huge shark, someone gets hooked in the hand and he goes overboard, you know all the FUN STUFF!
So this is what my OVERACTIVE imagination has been playing in my dreams over and over again.....have I told you guys I'm a little afraid of open water and sharks?
Of course none of that stuff happen and we had a nice relaxing day, on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. (Let me mention it was relaxing because we took Dramamine:):)
Brian caught the first fish, a Bonita. It had beautiful blue stripes on the top of it. The next fish was caught by one of Brian's old bosses Tony. He caught a Barracuda. They thought I should go next. I have to say I was perfectly happy sitting in the shade on my nice cushy seat not being sick!! My husband insisted. The guy that was doing all the work (like putting the fish on the hooks, setting the lines, pulling these rather large fish on to the boat, doing everything but taking credit for the fish) assured me that if he would not let me fall in....I didn't believe him! But I did it anyway. I caught the biggest fish out of the 3. It was also a Barracuda, my kids now definitely think I'm the COOLEST mom ever. Alex told me on Sunday, momma I don't know any other lady that would of passed up a spa for fishing. And I told him, well son, if they like hanging out with their husbands they would!
The water temperature was 89 degrees that day, not ideal fishing water. So it was only the 3 that we caught. The other 2 boats that we could chose from were, shark fishing boats, we were on the sail fishing boat (I think). One of the other boats caught a 7 FOOT BULL SHARK! THAT'S WHY I WASN'T ON A SHARK BOAT!
I have to admit it was absolutely GORGEOUS out there. And very peaceful!!

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