Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a momma bragging about her babies!

My kids never seem to stop amazing me. Sometimes it's just the little things that they do or say with each other (which believe me is not always pretty, so when its a moment of genuine sibling love, I eat it up) and then the times, their own mind guides them into the right thing to say.

Just a few tearful moments (not the ugly cry, just a little mist in your eye) I would like to share with you all.....

Alex and Hannah sitting at the table doing homework.

Alex- man this year homework is hard.
Hannah- I know you have a lot of books there.
Alex- How about you do some of my work for me?
Hannah- (she stands up, puts her hand on his shoulder) and says, brother if I could I would but I'm only on plus signs!

Jakob and Alex sitting on the sofa, trying to loosen the buckles on Jakob's football helmet.

Jakob- this helmet is so hard, I can't get the chin guard to work.
Alex- maybe you should try the neosprin like dad did.
Jakob- (with a devilish grin) can you get it for me?
Alex- no, I'll hold your helmet and you get it.
Jakob- OK but will you put the stuff on the snaps for me, while I push them in?
Alex- yep
Jakob- thanks
Alex- yep
this might not seem like it is super sweet but they worked together and got it done TOGETHER! It's not always this huge kissy kissy moment, it's just nice to see them work things out, with their brothers help....

Alex- (there is a boy on Alex's bus who has a brother named Jacob, Jacob is in 8th grade and has severe learning disability's. Too many to mention here. This boys lives by Alex's best friend Blake, which is just 2 blocks from us. The boys are always playing together. They include Jacob in everything, when he is outside)
Monday, Alex came home and told me this story....
Alex- Mom I think I almost had a fight on the bus!
Me- what did you just say to me???
Alex- Jacob's brother did not ride the bus home today, so Jacob was sitting by himself. Me and Blake told him to sit by us in the back, so he did. This kid, who mom, he is a big jerk. he started making fun of the way Jacob talks. And me and Blake told him to stop, he wouldn't stop and started to say, why can't he (Jacob) tell me to stop.
So I told him he wasn't funny and he sounded dumb, making fun of someone else. (OK so now I'm ugly crying, with JOY)
The boy said what are you going to do about it?
Alex- (MY BOY) said what do you want me to do about it? (YOU GO BOY!!) I just want you to leave my friend alone!
The kid said man I was just joking, Blake said well its not funny!

I told Alex that if he would of had a fight, it would of been OK. I was SOOOO proud of him. He did the right thing, every step of the way. Even avoiding a fight!

Jakob- At Jakob's jamboree on Saturday, there was a child out there who was a teenager and he was in a wheelchair. He had MAJOR problems. I found out, after he was born he was not even suppose to live a day let alone 14 years. There is basically no activity going on in him but his family just keeps on going and doing everything with him in tow!

When we were leaving the jamboree, one of Jakob's football buddies comes up and starts talking to Jakob about this boy.
Jakob's friend- hey did you see that kid back there, he was drooling all over himself and he can't even talk or anything.
Jakob- (looking at his friend, like are you crazy) says DUDE, you don't make fun of that kid just because he is different, he has something wrong with him!
And he turned around and just kept on walking.

I told him how SOOOO very proud of him I was! Trying not to CRY!!

These 2 incidents with the boys this past week, has shown me the kind of kids they are. I already knew how wonderful they were but seeing them in action, just gives me joy beyond anything I could ever express.
My kids are blessed to have such good heads on their shoulders and to have each other. As they grow and all 3 of them do their own things, I always want them to be proud of each other and be their for each other. And to STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!
I think were off to a good start!


The Dinsmores said...

So much to be proud of!!!


You do have great kids! Good job momma!:)