Saturday, August 9, 2008

life lessons & Summer Olympics!

My kids have been so excited, waiting for the Olympics to start this weekend.
As much controversy that has been going on with China, they sure did WOW everyone with the opening ceremonies!! I would hate to have to follow that in 4 years!
We all have our favorite events we want to see:
Alex- swimming, ping pong and basketball he also really enjoyed the fencing today.
Jakob- swimming, ping pong and beach volleyball
Hannah- swimming and gymnastics
Brian and I like them all, I especially look forward to woman's gymnastics and the swimming.
All my boys can talk about, is if Michael Phelps is going to break the record and get more gold medals than anyone else. At dinner tonight before the games came back on, they started talking about it again.
Alex- how do you think he(Michael Phelps) would feel if he doesn't break the record?
Jakob- probably not good, he wants to be the best Olympian ever.
Hannah- if you make a bed out of gold medals it probably wouldn't feel very good.....(god love her)
me-do you guys think that maybe already winning 6(it is 6 right?) gold medals, is something to be proud of?
Alex- yeah but mom that was 4 years ago....
Jakob- yeah mom and they said he is swimming in all these events, so that he can maybe get more medals than anyone else.
me- yes guys I understand all of that, do you guys know how hard it is to get 1 gold medal? Let alone 6!! (I can see their faces and their thinking, oh here it comes life lesson # 12,999)
I think its wonderful to DREAM big and push yourselves and your GOD given talents as far as you can. But instead of thinking Michael Phelps will be disappointed because he doesn't win 8. I'm thinking that he is going to be happy no matter how many he wins, as long as (EVERYONE SAY IT WITH ME!) he tries his best.....and I can promise you his momma is proud of him more because he seems like a good kid and not a cocky little jerk.
Jakob- so when I get to the Olympics, you will be happy even if I don't get a medal?
me- baby, momma will be happy to come home with a t shirt saying "my baby made it all the way to the Olympics and all I got was this t shirt!!"
me- SERIOUSLY ALEX! I don't need gold medals to be proud of you and I don't want you TO NEED gold medals to be proud of you either!
Jakob- I don't need them but they would be cool to show my grand kids!!
Hannah- I wonder how many gold medals it would take to make a KING size bed, oh Jakob I have an idea. You get like a lot of gold medals and then you give them to me, so I can try to make a bed!! OK Jakob, does that sound good?
Jakob- um no!
Hannah- mom Jakob's not going to give me his gold medals so I can make a bed!!
me- OK guys, your done, everyone upstairs, shower time!

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