Friday, August 15, 2008

A New Johnson World Record!!

Jakob set a new record for us today.....he is already sick and its only the second week of school!! He told me this morning that his head hurt a little and his throat felt scratchy. I asked him, did he feel okay to go to school and we could go to the doctors after school, he said yes. I got a phone call at 11:00 saying his head really was hurting. So I got his appointment moved up, I left work on my second day back, checked him out and went and got a strep test done. It came back negative but their letting it sit for 2 days. He does have a sinus infection, so he is now on antibiotics......he is hell bend on not missing his football games tomorrow. We will see how he feels in the morning. He is his father's son with that determination, so I'm sure he will be FEELING A LOT BETTER tomorrow!! I'll keep you all posted.......

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