Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remember Me!!

I saw this on another blog page and just thought I would share it with you.

I do believe that God always gives little signs, sometimes were just to busy to notice them. Well he gave me a sign today when I saw this.
Wednesday evening, I stared thinking about trying to get a collection of snacks, magazines, toiletries and stuff like that and "adopt" a platoon for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I was going to talk to the principals at the kids schools and just tell everyone on the blog and all of my neighbors and friends. I know we all can spare a little extra to give to these men and women who give so much of themselves for us!! This video was my sign to get the job done...I will get some details together in the coming weeks and let all of you know.
I hope you all find things through out the day that inspire you also!!

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Mel said...

I give you permission to stab my eyes out if you ever hear me talk like that about my kids or my stay at home husband! I hate her for you. :)