Sunday, September 14, 2008

catching up from last week....

These are the pictures from last weeks football game. When we got out to the game I realized that I didn't have my memory card in my camera :(:(:( I used the internal memory for the pictures and then had to buy the right cord to transfer the pictures to the computer. I finally got it done!!

I didn't get any pictures this week at the game because I ran out of the house WITHOUT MY CAMERA!!

I know, I know, I'm a horrible mother or even worse a HORRIBLE BLOGGER! I did remember to put pants on and  put sunscreen on my kids, so give me a break already!!

                                         no, I don't think your getting me down buddy!!
                                                 who says Football players aren't cute?!!
                       mawmaw and pawpaw, Alex and Hannah, the DIE HARD FANS!!!!
                                                  Mr. Michael and daddy....more fans!
Michael came out and watched Jakob's game last week with us, he used to play football and he is waiting for the day when his little boy is able to play. The WHOLE DeFusco family, also came out to see the game, shortly after they got there Emily(their 2 year old) had a meltdown and it was pretty clear that she had had enough(I feel the same way after most of these games :) The whole family also was not feeling good, so that didn't help matters.....Thank you Michael, Mike and Mel for coming out to help cheer on our boy!!
Just in case you were wondering Jakob's team won last week and this week and I'm happy to report his spine is still attached to his brain :):):)

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