Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In A Word.....Memories

This morning when I woke up my son Jakob quickly reminded me that tomorrow is going to be a NEW YEAR!

No more 2008 mom, it's going to be 2009.

Thanks son for reminding me!!

I remember when I was pregnant with Jakob we rang in 1999, of course that whole evening all you hear was Prince's song "And tonight were going to party like it's 1999", well because it was!

Then the next year was the new Millennium! We were all preparing (well OK not all of us, but me) for the computers to die, the water to be contaminated and any other horrible thing that the media told us to be prepared for.

Thankfully nothing happened and I didn't have to buy bottled water for almost a year :)

As this new year is upon us, (tomorrow MOM tomorrow)

I thought I would share a few of my favorite memories from 2008.

Thanks Rachael for this cute idea :)

I hope it brings as many smiles to your face that it has to my heart......




As I was going back through all of these pictures, the memories just come flooding back.

We made 5 trips to Louisiana this year, 2 trips to Tennessee, Brian and I went to Miami and finished it all off with our weekend in Atlanta.
And about 5000 pictures to prove it all!!

My nephew Cody William was born in January!! What a beautiful little light he is. He has brought so much joy to my brother and sister in law and everyone else in the family as well!

Then of course the rain came......

As most of you know my grandfather passed away in March. He was my daddy's best friend and watching my daddy grieve for his loss, was and still is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. My father will never be the same and I hope that 2009 can bring him some peace in his heart.

Throughout the rest of our year we have had numerous baseball games, swim meets, football games, doctor's visits, walks with our dogs, fishing trips to the lake, WAY TO MANY TACOS and even more Chick Fil A sweet teas. (oh wait that last one was all me!!)

But more than anything we have MEMORIES, lots and lots of MEMORIES!
Good and bad, but there all ours!!!

Our family wishes you love and peace on this, the Eve of our New Year.
I hope 2009 is as wonderful as you make it!!

The Johnson's


rachael said...

i love your look back! happy new year!

Veronica Lee said...

great pics! Happy 2009 and welcome to MBC.