Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 of 365 life in the last mile....

If your house is like mine you have an order. Everything, well almost everything has a place.
We have a spot for this and a spot for that and yes we even have a spot for that crap thing.

Every evening we have dinner, Brian or I bring which ever child has practice that evening to practice and we manage to bring that same child back home (don't laugh some days I pull up at swim practice and I forget if I even brought a child with me, because I'm there so much its like second nature)

After the kids are bathed and books are read and every ones piggies are tucked in.
OK, only Hannah has legitimate piggies, the boys toes are more like hogs now :)

Once I hear silence coming from all the rooms, I start what I call my last mile.

After my husband ran his first marathon, I asked him what was the hardest part and he said the last mile.
I was hurting, he said but I knew the light at the end of the tunnel was coming.

My last mile consists of the kitchen cleaning and the lunch ritual in our house.
I'm very sort of particular about what the kids eat. So I would much rather them bring their lunches from home. They each get to pick 2 times a week they want to buy lunch. My boys rarely ever buy, my daughter takes her 2 days when there's "baked" chicken nuggets and pizza. If they only looked as good as they sound!

Its a funny thing because when I start to make sandwiches or wraps or whatever were doing for the next day, my body starts to go into the light at the end of the tunnel theory. I know that when this is done, I'm starting the dishwasher and off to ZZZZZ land I'm going.

Well of course thats after we put up the clean clothes that have accumulated on our bed, start another load of TOWELS, let the dogs out, get the dogs back in and in there beds, check all the doors, set the alarm, watch my husband check the temperature in the snakes cage (oh..... don't act like you all don't do that every evening also!)

This is what my last mile looks like.....
(don't be hatin on my yummy white counters)
I'm hoping Granite is our next project, I'm hoping even more that my husband is reading this:)
sandwiches and juice boxes, to come
What's your last mile like??


Denise said...

Okay, you lost me at "everything has a place." Yeah. In my fantasy land it does.

Congrats to Brian on the marathon. Wow!

Oh, and one more thing. There's something for you on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

I really have to log off, but I'm getting pulled into Johnson world and despite being so tired that I'm surfing with one eye shut, I'm going to continue on! Wish I would have thought to start reading where I left off!

You are just like me with the lunches. Our school has made great changes, but they're not there yet. Whole wheat pizza crust is great, but pizza at least 6 times a month? Not so great.

My last mile? I'm with you, lunch/kitchen duty. And I hate it, but I hate getting up to a dirty kitchen or to trying to throw together lunch under pressure even more than running the last mile.

This is such a great way of putting it. The last mile. Brilliant, as usual.