Saturday, January 17, 2009

17 of 365 in crime

My middle son and my daughter fight more than any of the other combinations of my children.
And the reason is, they are alike in SO many ways. My older son is very calm, sweet, laid back like my husband. But my other 2 they have.....well lets just say, they have more fire burning in their belly.
They are just as sweet, but the laid back and calm, yea not so much.

(I really have NO idea where that comes from :)

When their having a good day together, they are an unstoppable team.
Tonight at Chuck E Cheese from HELL Dave and Busters they were in perfect sink together playing games. Hannah wanted to play a racing game that Jakob was playing, so after his turn they played together. She sat on his lap because she could not reach the pedals. As she steered and he worked the petals, Jakob would say, take out the blue car Hannah.
And she would run into the other car and then say, like that Jakob?
Yea good job, now run over the little old lady crossing the street guy on the motorcycle.
Like that Jakob?
Yep just like that.
It really was magical watching them. I watch them act so not magical together most days, that them running people over together actually brought a tear to my eye.

Hey, if breaking the speed limit laws and running over blue hairs keeps the love flowing who am I to stop them??
this is from my phone so it is horrible but you get the idea!
Can you feel the law breaking love??

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Kristin said...

Oh my, that sounds like my kids. I feel your pain!!!

By the way, we love Dave and Busters too! Haven't been in a while but we enjoy it. :-)