Monday, January 19, 2009

19 of 365 memories.....please baby Jesus, just a little bit!!

Tonight we had a little bit of snow fall.
Well it was what us Southern people call snow.
It's what everyone else in the world that really knows what snow is, call sleep in their eye.

My kids call it SNOW DAY!!
I'm thinking that's not happening but I'll keep you posted.

Tonight as my kids were trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues, my daughter started to say a little pray. Please baby Jesus just a little bit more!! Now I can promise you I have never allowed my 6 year old to watch Talladega Nights. And I don't refer to Jesus as "baby Jesus".
So where did these come from??
The world may never know.....



That is a cute pic.....just waiting for the next tiny snowflake. I think the snow skipped over our house b/c we didn't see any. :(

I'm just me... said...

I need to pack up some snow and mail it to ya. We have about 4 inches at our house right now and expecting more today. Tink and I are going sledding after work tonight.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my Lord, that made me laugh. Baby Jesus.

I just had to check in. Great picture.

I have to tell you, from a Northern girl...

Southern cold is COLDER. Honestly, it is. It isn't that you're wimps, or not acclimated, or whatever... :)

It's colder. We had some 53 degree days in Florida and it was way colder than 53 degrees in Minnesota!

Hey, if you want, I can overnight some snow to your kids!