Sunday, January 4, 2009

My tree is naked and all alone!

Yesterday and today have been one of those lots of little things days.

We got lots of little things done.

I had lots of little conversations with my girlfriend that meant something very big in the end.

Hannah and I read lots of little stories.

You know just one of those quite, easy days.

I attempted to de Christmas my house yesterday.
I got as far as the mutilation of my Christmas tree, I stripped all the ornaments off. And when there was no more humility left I took off the beads and the dove.
That was as much as my heart could take for one day.
I know that I am prolonging taking down the decorations, thinking that I am prolonging the holiday vacation to end.
I am REALLY not ready for our craziness to begin again.
Brian's back to work tomorrow, the kids and I have one more day and then its business as usual.

As I'm stuffing my face right now with chocolate covered cherries I'm formulating a plot.
Brian can build and sell snake houses for a living and I can cook for them, the buyers not the snakes :)

Maybe it is the instant sugar rush I'm getting from the cherries or it might have something to do with these 2 empty Amstel Light bottles that have suddenly appeared on my desk.....

but by God I think this business venture might work!!

Yesterday morning I walked at our local park. When I got there, there was a little bit of a drizzle, by the time I finished my 3 miles, it was a full on rainstorm. I didn't really care that I started to look like a drowned version of Peter Pan.

I had my music playing in my ears (you know the music that I can't listen to with my kids)
Do you all do that?
Do you have music on your MP3 player that you would not DARE listen to in front of your kids or am I the only horrible mother that does that?

Anyway, Kanye West (hey, say what you want about him, but his music really is good!) was blaring in my ears, my heart was pumping, the rain was falling on me and it was WONDERFULLY AWESOME (daddy that one is for you :).

So maybe the rest of the day I was singing, "I ain't sayin she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin with no broke @#$$%!

But I had to have something to help me through the autospy of my Christmas tree!!

So today I finished the de Christmasing process, that would be why I have the 2 empty bottles on my desk.

I'm bummed that it's all coming to an end.

Snake man is leaving us tomorrow and I'm dealing with it in the most mature way I know how....

chocolate and beer!

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