Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who's butt?? My butt??

I've been keeping up with my walking and listening to some of my "oldies but goodies" in the process.
Tonight's selection was Digital Underground and The Fugee's.

Believe me, you haven't lived until you have Humpty Danced in the rain.....it was a powerful moment.

Of course not nearly as powerful as me thinking that I can feel the chocolate covered cherries pounds melting away, only to realize that I hadn't double tied the string on my pants and the rain had helped them start to moon people slip down a bit.

Thank goodness I had on a jacket.

My kids play ball at this park.....

I can just see it now, Mrs. Johnson your boys application for baseball has been denied because your rather large white behind was seen by other poor unfortunate members of our community.

We will though be holding on to your registration fee to help with the civil suits that there filing.... Have a nice day.

How are your exercise programs going??


The Dinsmores said...

If only I can start one!

Adoption Blog said...

Just come by and get me and I'll walk with ya any night! And I would have totally loved to see your pants fall down! HA HE HA


ok that was wierd that last comment was from me, the other Heidi. I must have been signed on another. I was looking at an old college buddies adoption blog. Crazy.

Elizabeth said...

Work it!

Just sitting here trying to rationalize why I shouldn't go Walk Away the Pounds with over the top, perky, skinny chick Leslie Sansone.

Ok, Ok, I'm going. But, first, gonna double tie the drawstring of my pants. Wouldn't want to expose myself to my basement!

Thanks for the great laugh. Nice to start the morning with a coffee shooting across your keyboard!!

Denise said...

I would love to have video of you doing the Humpty Dance in the rain...

The Johnson 5 said...

it was quite magical I must say :)