Tuesday, February 10, 2009

40 of 365 memories...Be Mine!!

Mother Valentine has the stomach flu and as you can see it landed all over my kitchen table!!


Denise said...

I had Jenna hand make all her Valentines this year and for a while on Sunday I was REALLY sorry. But we spread it out over the course of the day and in the end she was happy with it. This year I've only got one doing Valentines. In a couple of years I'll have 3!

Elizabeth said...

I've been told. "I'm in fifth grade mom. We don't do them anymore."

I'm crushed.

What a precious picture.

Kristin said...

Gee, that looks like my table on Sunday. Such a lovely mess----complete with tattoos!!

And that reminds me...Abby didn't finish hers yet. Man. Guess that's tomorrow's project. Yuck!