Wednesday, February 11, 2009

42 of 365 careful what you wish for....

Yesterday you all might recall that I did a little post about rain.

Let me also say that we haven't had rain, real rain in about 2 weeks here. The last rain they thought was going to end up snow because it was so darn cold, yes like 16 DEGREES with a wind chill of 0!! No, Elizabeth I haven't moved by you, that was in GEORGIA!

Anyway, yesterday I was off of work and I got a lot accomplished. It's amazing what I one can do once they step away from the CRACK COMPUTER :)

As I was posting that little ditty about Jack and Diane (you knew I was going to go there) my love of the rain and how I need to let my self go through the puddles, I had a talk with myself and God. Talking to myself and the lord is a normal occurrence. It is so normal in my house that my kids will stop when they here me talking in an empty room, listen for their names and then carry on with whatever they were doing.

Yesterday I have to tell you was different. It was TEARS, it was PLEADING, it was PLEASE if you are listening at all, HELP ME!

I pride myself on being helpful. I like to help family and friends with their issues problems.
Or really just anything.
Need a babysitter? We can rearrange it to make it work.
Need a ride somewhere? We can make it work.
Need a shoulder to cry on? Come on over, not only will we feed you, we will cry with you.

But for me to ask anyone else, now that becomes a problem.
I'm trying and I'm getting better.

But yesterday was an all and out SOS call. I needed my good buddy the lord and more importantly I needed his momma. I begged the Blessed Mother to give me some peace in my soul, to help me decide a few things.

I took a long walk 4 horrific miles with my dogs. And along the way I keep looking, listening, but nothing.
I came home did laundry, vacuuming, you know all the wonderful things that we do. As I was doing these chores, I was looking, listening, but still nothing.

My evening went on and it got better through the day. After the kids got home and their activities began and then homework, dinner. I wasn't looking or listening anymore. I was listening to them and looking at their items from the day.

This morning I got up feeling a lot better than the day before, went to work and started my day all over again.
I wasn't looking or listening for anything, I just let the day happen.

And guess what??

It came......

The rains came......
The puddles came.....

And guess what else??

My sign.....

the only thing I asked for yesterday, was signed sealed and delivered to me from the Blessed Mother her self.

The kids and I took a little detour on the way home from swim practice. If we would of went straight home I would not of seen this.

I do believe that signs come in lots of things through out the day and it is up to us to see them and understand them.

I got to walk right through my puddle (rainbow) today!!


Elizabeth said...

Beautifully put. And that picture, wow.

You know where I am. Let me know what you need.


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Another beautiful post... Hurray for signs!

Sharon said...

When we got home from our second week at St. Jude with a one year old who was facing chemo (and only the good Lord knows what else), there was a beautiful rainbow waiting for us.

She is well and God is good, all the time!