Friday, February 20, 2009

50 of 365 memories....down he goes!!

To say that my middle son Jakob is ACTIVE would be an understatement. From the moment that child left my body he has been in constant motion. I always make a joke and say he is even on the go while he is sleeping. He gets out of his bed and walks around his room and all the while he is talking in some language that I'm pretty sure is not legal.

He is also the reason we need REALLY good insurance. In his 9 years of life he has had 2 slight concussions, stitches on his eyelid, he pulled the major ligament in his ankle(it might not sound bad but the doctor told us if he would of broken his ankle it would of been better!!) and as of yesterday morning he had only broken his right arm......

You SOOO see where I'm going with this, RIGHT!!!

yes he laughed through the whole thing!

he takes pride in all of his battle scars!

As soon as I saw his arm I knew it was broken. We went to our friend the orthopedist, we haven't seen him since all of JANUARY, so Jakob felt like he was missing us. They X rayed it and as soon as I saw the computer screen pop up, I saw the little break in his arm. It's in a splint until Monday and then it will have a real cast on it. It was still swelling so we have to go back.
There will be no resetting or surgery, THANK GOD!!

But the wonderful part about all of it is, Brian and I were suppose to leave on Saturday for New Orleans. My husband is riding in a parade on Monday night and we were going to have a fun weekend together ALONE!! As soon as the doctor told me we needed to come back on Monday Jakob said, "mom your still going!!" The Dr. asked what he was talking about, I explained the situation to him and he said his arm isn't bad, that the cast will not hurt (which we already know because WE HAVE BEEN HERE AND DONE THIS!) and that I still should go. My girlfriend Carol said she would bring him in on Monday morning (have I told you all that she is a SAINT!!)I know that he will be in good hands but still I wasn't buying any of it!!
I told myself I was going to wait and see how he did last night and this morning. He did great last night and in true Jakob form is going to need a straight jacket to sit on the sofa until Monday. He was bouncing off the walls this morning and asking if he could at least sit in the driveway and bounce his ball off the house.
To which I responded ever so lovingly.....NO!

So apparently I'm leaving my broken armed child for a weekend of hotel fun with my husband. This morning when I asked my son if he wanted me to stay home, he said mom I'm FINE!! And then he said and plus if you don't go then, I won't get any King Cake!!

Even with a broken arm, it is still all about the Louisiana food!!


Denise said...

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I know how hard it much be for you to leave your baby, but I'm sure he's in very capable hands. Besides, that boy needs a king cake!

I'm just me... said...

Poor Jacob!! At least he's not upset about any of it. He's such a cutie. Have a great weekend, don't worry about the kids too much! You and hubby need a little time alone.

Elizabeth said...

Run away! Run away!

Poor kid. And he smiles through the whole thing. You should have seen me get a cast on my foot a couple of years ago. I was horrible. Mostly because they had to cut my jeans which I had just paid a fortune for!

Ha, but I got a red cast. It was smokin' hot.

Your son is resilient and he's learning from you how to handle these bumps in the road. That's all because of YOU.

Go, have fun, and for God's sake, send me some cake. (Kidding, I think.)