Sunday, March 29, 2009

88 of 365 memories....Home Depot here we come, AGAIN!

Today has been a rather chilly day, 48 degrees at the end of March is just too darn cold for me. But the good thing was it was a good excuse to burn our last log. We LOVE fires in our house. They feel and look so cozy. As the log burnt out a few ours later, I looked at Jakob and said I'm a little sad to see it all gone. He said mom we can always just get a fire pit and burn them outside.
So guess where I'm going this week on my day off :)


Kristin said...

We love fires too.....well, not Katie but too bad. We are out of firewood so didn't think about lighting one today. But it sure was cold enough. What's with this GA weather????

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

We have a fire pit (maybe from Costco) in the backyard. It's great for making s'mores with!

I've got an award for you so swing by when you get a chance!

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes, you must get one!

We got a great one at Target, it has moons and stars on the sides, so it looks really cool when it's lit.

We're planning a camping trip, so I was just searching for s'mores recipe. I think we are related. Check this out:

I'm just me... said...

We love our fires too! We have a big rock fire pit at our cabin and have a fire going the entire time we are there every visit.

A few years ago hubbs bought me a chiminea for our backyard. We LOVED it! Sadly, it was made of clay and shattered when our mower sent a rock through it the next summer. I must put a new one on my wish list.