Thursday, April 2, 2009

92 of 365 memories... scenes from the day

How can the day ever be bad when your house starts off smelling like this??!!
Hannah's birthday cupcakes for her class
me and my girl at lunch, yes I was suckered into chicken nuggets again. I should have a special place in heaven just for this, I'm just sayin' !!
Oh mom, my brain is SOOO FROZEN!
A surprise guest!! (she adores this man, as do I :)
Easter egg hunt!
come on dad, help a sista out!
Is there anything sweetier then watching them run for their eggs?
I love the REAL excitement that they have!
Do I even have to say how much I love this one??
Oh no, looks like the strep throat bandit has struck again :(
getting ready for his first track time trials....
(they have only been postponed 3 times in 1 week because of the rain!!)
I think all the sugar is catching up with her.
Hey its her birthday dinner so she can do that, what THAT is that she is doing!
Come to momma!!
With a crazy day like this, your thinking "oh that poor girl, she looks like she needs a vacation.
You know like a trip to Vegas for the Country Music awards!!"
I know I know, I suck but I'm still going :)
See you all on Monday!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great photos! I love that you and DH visited your daughter at special!

Have a great weekend in Vegas!

I'm just me... said...

There is definately a special place in heaven for mommies who eat school lunch with their kids! It looks like Hannah had a great birthday day!

Have a great time in Vegas!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh how fun!

I love the tulip one. What a keeper!

Have a great time. Don't look too far down your nose at those of us who will be spending their weekend at Home Depot! :)