Saturday, April 11, 2009

she is so my kid!!

me: So Hannah what do you think about brownie sundaes for our American Idol treat.

Hannah: how about cookie sundaes.

me: no I think daddy would rather YUMMY brownie sundaes. Vanilla ice cream over a nice warm brownie. Doesn't that sound YUMMY?!

Hannah: oh mom you know what would be really good for American Idol treat?

me: what baby?

Hannah: warm YUMMY chocolate chip cookies with YUMMY vanilla ice cream on it.

me: didn't you just ask me that and I said daddy would like the brownie thing?

Hannah: yes but I thought if I explained all the way with the sound effects and all, like you did it would sound better.

You can't blame her for trying!!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Too funny...she's a smartie! And I hate to point it out but you did ask her what she thought about it. I always end up kicking myself and thinking "why did I bother asking?".

Elizabeth said...

Fess up. YOU wanted the brownie :)

She's got a great future in marketing.

Such a great kid!