Sunday, May 3, 2009

115 of 365 memories....not I said the boy

Next school year Jakob will be going into 5th grade, which means he goes to intermediate school. He will be leaving his elementary school, the only school he has really known. He doesn't remember his 2 years of school in Louisiana (Pre K and K) Being here and being happy and comfortable at "his school" is all he knows.
I asked him a few days ago, if him and the other kids were talking about or nervous about moving to the new school?
Nope not really, he replies.
It's school right? he asks.
Yeap it's school, I answer.
Are you nervous about me going to the new school? he asks.
Nope not really, I answer.
It's school right? I say
That smile that you see in that picture was the same smile I got after this conversation was over. Care free and confident, man I love that kid!!

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Elizabeth said...

That's just how my Sam feels about going in to middle school.

(We must be doing something right! Big Pat On Back!)