Thursday, May 21, 2009

131 0f 365 memories...take 1!!

Jakob's skit!

me and my boy

Peyton and Jakob (Lena we could use this one :)

posing with his fans, maw maw and paw paw!!


his alter ego, Lamont Cranston

Amongst all the crazy end of the year stuff, Jakob's Music Makers group at school put on an Old Time Radio show. It was all skits from actual radio broadcasts from the 30's and 40's!
These kids have been practing for 2 months for this production and it showed. They all did a great job. Jakob's character was the "good bad guy" The Shadow but the Shadow was also Lamont Cranston a detective in real life.
They did 2 performances for the school and 2 night performances for the families. So at the end of the last performance they were all DONE!!

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