Friday, May 8, 2009


So we are now entering day 3 of Jakob's funkiness. Strep throat is no stranger to my son. Poor thing gets it about 4 times a year. But the stomach bug thing, yeah this is a guest I don't want to be revisiting for a long time.

I realized while writing this, I have watched more T.V. yesterday and today then I have since I was on bed rest with this same child 10 years ago. 

I love HG T.V, TLC and I have enjoyed watching this season of American Idol with my kids. But I can only watch these shows for a short period of time before my left eye gets to twitching and I can feel my brain cells being sucked out one by one. After 3 children and almost 14 years of marriage, I can't afford to lose anymore brain cells, or breast tissue for that matter.

I rather enjoy not rotting my brain with who is sleeping with who and who would like to sleep with who and who has gotten plastic surgery done while sleeping with this person. (Am I the only one that is dizzy by all this nonsense?)

A few things I learned from the T.V. the last few days......

  • did you know that pigs can get the flu?? There is even a flu named after them. And people are freaking out about this. Do they freak out when they hear the numbers of deaths in a year from the "regular" flu? I was just wondering.
  • did you know that Jon from Jon and Kate+ 8 apparently might of allegedly had an affair. I love their show so don't get this wrong but WHY do we care? And WHY is this news worthy. Oh maybe pig flu was taking a break for a day.
  • did you know that they have a T.V. show, (that is geared towards teens and young adults) that allows the main character to tell God to and I quote" SUCK IT". I did not see the show (poor me) but I saw this little actress talking about how wonderful her job is and the fact that she gets to tell everyone including God to go "SUCK IT". Baby girl, didn't your momma teach you that God don't like UGLY??

HMMMM is anyone still wondering why I don't watch much T.V. I mean really look at all the important things I have been missing.

Yesterday I had to run out of the house to mail Mother's Day cards, I know how sad am I but hopefully she will get it tomorrow. I stopped to buy stamps at the grocery and in a moment of shear joy weakness I bought a pack of Oreo's. Real Oreo's, not my Back To Nature normal brand. And to add pleasure insult to injury they are Double Stuffed.

And I thought my rebellion days were over :)

I received a pleasant surprise from a very sweet friend and fellow member of the proud mommas boys club, Lara. She surprised me with a gallon of Chick Fil A sweet tea this morning. I have since called the lawyer and added her to our will.

I'm praying that Jakob feels better soon and also that no one else gets the funk. I'm a woman pumped up on sweet tea and double stuffed Oreo's, with way to much T.V. time. I'm starting my detox program right now, or at least after the next E News!!

I'll let you know if Kate's husband has the dirty pig disease.

Maybe someone should of told him, when you start fishing around in other ponds your bound to get crabs  burned:)

Yes I have officially lost my mind!! What time does Dr. Phil come on??


Kristin said...

Ah, the joys of sick kids and trying to be entertained while home. I mean really, who wants to do housework when you get an unexpected day off? Not me!

And kudos to you for sending Mother's Day cards. I haven't done that in a few years. But, then again, neither has my mom. :)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Too funny! I can see (from my kitchen window) into my neighbor's house. Their TV is on 24/7 and to the most ridiculous shows...they can't have any brain cells left, right?

And no, I don't watch any TV because I spend my time spying on my neighbors! LOL

Mel said...

sweet tea and double stuffed oreos! Did you fall off the wagon or something?! LOL

Denise said...

So let me get this straight, if I give you ONE gallon of sweet tea I get put in your will? What if I send you 20 gallons????

I don't watch a lot of tv shows I DO watch LOST (the antidote to brain cell suckage.) The Amazing Race, this season's Survivor, House and The Office. Non of these are watched when they are broadcast. I love DVR!