Wednesday, June 3, 2009

146 of 365 beans!!

Mrs. Hughes has had both my boys for 4th grade and will hopefully have Hannah
Mrs. Basel has had both my little ones for 1st grade

Anyone that knows me knows that I love traditions. When we moved here I was worried about being able to carry on some of our same traditions here. I quickly realized that "our" traditions were just that "ours" and we had no problem carrying them on in a new state. One thing that I love is the idea of my kids having the same teachers. When we moved here Hannah was 3, Jakob was 6 and in 1st grade and Alex 9 and in 4th grade. This year we came full circle with our teachers. Hannah got Jakob's 1st grade teacher and Jakob got Alex's 4th grade teacher. I LOVE IT!! Not only do I love it because the teachers know us as a family and know what to expect from my kid but my kids feel so comfortable because they have already gotten to know this teacher.
It's amazing that we have been here for almost 4 years!! Time flies when having fun raising your babies!!

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