Tuesday, June 9, 2009

154 of 365 memories...my troopers

I don't have a picture of Alex to go along with this one, I didn't bug him this day for a picture. I am a nice mother most days!!
Jakob had a track meet on Saturday that was about an hour and a half away from our house. That meant that we had to be out of our house by 7 am, on a Saturday, that's just WRONG!!
But we did it and it ended up being one of those days that tested EVERY ONES nerves. We did not leave the meet until 7:30 in the evening. And then had the drive back home. It was an exhausting day. Jakob did really well and will move on in the 1500 meter and the 800 meter, the next meet over Father's day weekend. The next one is a biggie and if he places in the finals we have to decide if we want to go to Maryland for the regional meet.
Sunday afternoon we took the kids out for dinner and as we were talking about fall activities (I know its crazy but the sign ups are in a couple weeks). We were talking about Alex doing fall baseball, Hannah doing gymnastics and Jakob doing cross country.
We talked about how cool it would be if Jakob does make it to Regional and we get to go to Maryland and then I told Alex and Hannah how proud of them I am for supporting their brother and how I know how hard it is to SIT and SIT and SIT and did I mention SIT at the track meets and wait! I'm not saying that none of us complain while were SITting their sweating and waiting but when it comes time for his event were all at the fence together cheering him on. Just like when the other 2 do something, were all each others biggest cheerleaders.
Trying to stress that the most important people in your life are the ones that you look at every morning, with your dragon breathe blaring, your hair looking a hot mess and your eyes full of crispy friends.
Their parents and siblings are the ones that look past the faults and love you know matter what. I hope some of it settles in, I haven't seen any of my words floating in the air from their ears when I talk so I guess were off to a good start :)
Guess would be the key word here............

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