Thursday, June 11, 2009

156 of 365 memories....her head didn't (actually) spin around

one happy little lady!!
she didn't believe me that they were blue!!

I took Hannah on Tuesday to get her stitches out. They said 5 - 7 days and Tuesday made 6. I also knew because I took a sneak peak while she was sleeping and saw that they were ready to come out.
I joked with Brian the night before saying he should take her the next day because he could hold her down easier when she turned into the demon spawn. And yes my friends she did turn into Linda Blair's little sister and no my friends my hubby was NO where to be found. Oh yea, he has A JOB!! BLAH BLAH BLAH, that's ALWAYS the excuse :)
The truth be told, I wouldn't send him and not go. There's no way some one's sticking my baby or pulling things out and me not be there!!!
So now there out and HOPEFULLY I won't be back there for awhile :)

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