Friday, June 19, 2009

164 of 365 memories...mermaid girl

at the end of each hour at our pool, the lifeguards call an adult swim. This gives the lifeguards a little 10 minute break every hour to get out of the sun, use the bathroom and eat. The kids of course don't get why anyone would have to do ANY of those things on a beautiful day. WHY do they have to potty or eat? It's to nice to do that!!
This is what my daughter does when she has to get out for those 10 minutes. She sits there and WAITS and WATCHES the clock. 8 minutes mom, 7 minutes mom, oh mom 2 more minutes, I think their getting ready to blow the whistle!! Each time she speaks her voice gets a little louder to make sure that me and the lifeguards can hear her. What can I say, she loves the water!! The other night in the tub, I told her that I needed to check for her gills because I'm pretty sure she is part fish. She quickly corrected me and said "MERMAID mom, I'm a MERMAID, REMEMBER!!

Man don't tick off the mermaid, those tails are vicious!!


Michelle said...

My kids LOVE the water too!

Elizabeth said...

That's so great.

You are so gifted with words!