Friday, July 3, 2009

172 of 365 memories...the rest of the story! Well almost....

I'm going to start by saying, this is probably the most pictures that I have posted at one time. And it is A LOT of them. But I honestly don't think I could do our trip justice if I didn't post them. This was the final cut out a GAZILLION photos, grab a sweet tea and enjoy our memories....

there go my boys, out into the wild blue yonder

The Lipani's

Jakob caught a wave!

sharing buried treasure

nothing safer than holding on to daddy!

well maybe there is another safe place :)

looking for shells and creatures

you know these 3!!

this is what a 4 AM wake up call does to her!

these 3 don't even know how lucky they are!!

some of us are cuter in the mornings than others and I'm not one of them :)

you know how the Johnson's roll, UNO baby!! And Ms. Rona well um she is SPECIAL!!

our gulf view from our back porch

our bay view from the front porch

our AMAZING pool!


with 19 Louisiana people in one house, you know there will be seafood!

my boy picking crabs!

I love these 2 together!

Mel's boy!


you didn't think the kids had all the fun now did you!!

N'Awlins version of ping pong!

Ms. Maren is quite the charmer with the boys, at least she has good taste :)

my little fish

The Johnson's

The Dinsmore's

The DeFusco's

The Lipani's

The Hillman's

I think I have a NEW favorite!!

snacky snack!

Mel and her boy!

Rona and her girl!!

Hannah and Emily

my fisherman

the girls!!

Rona and Ron

Michael and Will

what a way to end the post!!

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Elizabeth said...

OK, so Sam is looking over my shoulder while I'm catching up here in Johnsonblogville and he says, "Hey mom, look THEY make slushies for their kids!"

That's so nice of you.

What a fun time. These are the moments aren't they?