Sunday, July 5, 2009

174 of 365 memories...I'm sorry Mr. Cox, my mom is in the bathroom.

I have done SO MANY blog posts about the Atlanta Braves games that seriously, I should be getting a phone call from Bobby Cox saying that my check is in the mail. And then I could tell him that the mail will take to long and Chipper Jones (Jakob's favorite player) and Brian Mc Cann (Alex's favorite player) should personally deliver it to us so that my boys can go into spontaneous convulsions and then name me "Mother of the Year". (Sigh) But seeing as though none of that is happening, (yawn) here is our latest baseball evening or at least mommas version....

just in case you thought she couldn't get any more delicious, she can. And I ate her after this picture was taken....hat, air brushed face and all!

big, beautiful, hazel eyed smiles for the outdoor pavilion seats...

momma got to bring a friend, YEA!!!

ending the game with a 3 game sweep for Alex, priceless!

I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be about REAL baseball, but it's not. I watch the game while chatting with a dear, sweet friend and knew the score by watching my sons body language without even having to look at the score board. I shared salted peanuts with my daughter and got a high five from my husband at the end of a really good inning.

That's my idea of good Braves baseball!!

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