Saturday, August 15, 2009

199 of 365 memories...are you laughing at me or with me??

I have a slight addiction love of cooking magazines.
My favorites are Cooking Light and the Kraft Food and Family.
My girlfriend Lena gave me a subscription to the Rachael Ray one for my birthday 2 years ago and so began another love affair.
I used to be really good about tearing out the pages that I liked and then passing on the magazines to friends. And my tear out pile kept growing and growing. So I stopped tearing them out and just starting keeping the magazines. And then last Saturday after I finished having a discussion with my daughter the pack rat that she can not keep EVERY treasure (treasure being, rocks, BIRD FEATHERS, tissues, caterpillar cocoons, OH YES I SAID caterpillar cocoons and anything else she finds out yonder!)
I thought to myself well my problem is not as bad as hers but it is getting there.
So I took out all my magazines and laid them out and realized, yeah I need an intervention a plan.
So I started placing my pages in sleeves
And putting them in a binder.
Great idea, RIGHT??
Yeah well, did I mention that I have 100's upon 100's of these pages and I'm not even finished going through all the other magazines yet?
Do you think I can add this project to my kids chore list??


Denise said...

I keep meaning to do that with my printed out recipes but I just never seem to get around to it. So when I cook, half the time I pull out a huge pile of papers and shuffle through them until I find what I'm looking for. IF I find what I'm looking for. Sometimes I don't!

Elizabeth said...

I've got a gigantic drawer full of these tear outs. Great to access when you're menu planning, but for the love of God could I not just get it together and organize them?

You're inspiring me.

I just know somewhere in there is that darn marinade recipe for chicken that was to die for and will I ever find it again?