Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sassy, classy and still kickin' assy!

I wish I could take credit for that little title but I can't. Today is my 34th birthday and that little ditty was on the birthday card from my dear sweet best friend neighbor, Carol.

And I would have to say that I AGREE :)

I received early morning visits (with cards and presents!!) from her and my girlfriend Lena. (Thanks girls!)

My husband had 2 cards waiting for me. One from the kids and one from him.
The one from my strong silent type husband, had the best present EVER in it.


Every word meant something to me, more than he will ever know. (Thank you baby)

I went to my Algebra class and actually understood and ENJOYED the class.

Had lunch with my girl (Lena).

Got a surprise visit from another girlfriend (thank you Jackie) and she had chocolate cake and a 6 pack of Peroni in hand. I REALLY DO HAVE SOME ROCKIN FRIENDS!

And finished off the evening with my hubby grilling some delicious burgers and having birthday cake with the Davis's.

And did I also mention that Facebook ROCKS on your birthday!!

I know how blessed I am everyday.

But this day, this birthday was just a PERFECTLY blessed day!

And I am an unbelievably grateful woman :)

let's try it without goosing each other!
there we go!!


I'm just me... said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like it was a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Oh man, I missed your birthday.

Happy belated to my anonymous, but very real, internet friend.

I'm thankful every time I get a chance to read your wisdom, see your world through your eyes, and share in your family's journey.

Even though I don't really "know" you, I feel a bit like I do. I'm proud of you and I think you're AMAZING.

So, Happy Birthday. You're 34 plus 15 days (if I did the math right). I'm older (so I must be wiser), believe me when I say, you deserve all good things.