Thursday, September 17, 2009

20% of something ='s nothing!

How do I know that title statement is true? Because I my friends made a 100% on my very first Algebra test!!

Oh yes ma'am I did!

I worked more practice problems and had more dreams about positive and negative signs and exponents that make something negative and LORD HELP ME the Motrin that I consumed, but I did it!!

Yes, I know that some of you could do those problems with your brains tied behind your back. But I'm not one of you and I was on cloud 9 last Thursday because I had worked for something SO hard and I did it!!

I took a sneak peek at the review sheets for my next test and that wasn't such a good idea! But just like the last one, I will practice and practice and pop Motrin and see what happens :)

The title of this post is coming from an ongoing joke in my house. I'm having knee surgery tomorrow (PRAYERS ARE APPRECIATED!!) and for the last week, all I've heard at the pre op appointments and phone calls from the surgery center and nurses, is my 20%, that's our portion to pay.

20% to this one and 20% to that one and don't forget about that one over there!!

So my joke now is (because I'm so very gifted in my mathematical skills:)

what is 20% of broke equaled to, BROKE!!

I have been in the "nesting" mode the last few days. Cleaning, cooking and trying to get my brain ready for my surgery. Being the person that "handles" the majority of things around our house, I'm trying to prepare my brain and soul to let things go for a few days.

(Have you finished laughing at me yet?)

I told my girlfriend yesterday on the phone, I know why I'm going a little nutty about this whole sticking contractions and scopes and scraping my knee cap thing. It's not that I'm afraid of the pain after, it's the idea that I HAVE NO CONTROL over what they are doing to me!

And that my blogging friends is the part that I REALLY don't like.

I am excited to think that in a few weeks I will be able to go up and down the stairs in my house and not have my knee completely give out on me or lock up, that I'm loving. But the letting the doctor's have their way with me part and my hubby taking care of me part, NOT SO MUCH!!

So if you don't hear from me for awhile just know that I'm sitting on my sofa, with an ice pack wrapped around my knee, watching T.V. and eating bon bons.

Isn't that what us "stay at home moms" are suppose to be doing anyway??


Elizabeth said...

Oh honey,

Thinking of you...

Rent hideous chick flicks and enjoy the forced getting away from it all.

WTG on the test. Brainiac!

Elizabeth said...

I forgot!

If I was closer, there'd be sweet tea and awesome dinners on the way.