Monday, September 7, 2009

204 of 365 memories...Is that dinosaur poop??

A few weekends ago we met our good friends the Dinsmore's at the Tellus Science museum. There are tons of attractions in Georgia and we are S L O W L Y making our way through them.
Hannah and Gracie ( the 2 cuties)
I informed Brian that I would not be taking any trips ANYWHERE if I had to ride like this!!
The very FIRST automobile
yes, that says 10 mph!
panning for gems!
me and my hubby
Rona and Ron
looking for fossils!
there was some AMAZING art work throughout the museum, this was one of my favorites.
waiting for the planetarium show
I think that sign in the background says "Please Touch" :)
just a bunch of silly folks
of course if something says "Touch this if you dare" Jakob is the first one to do it!
yes, he touched poop. And it was the best part of the day for him!
she is trying to show us that her mouth is this big.
I don't know about her mouth but her vocal cords are LIVING LARGE these days :)
we could of stayed here all day long.
if you look closely you can see all 5 of us in the pendulum ball right when it was knocking down the blocks. The ball is set to the rotation of the earth and only knocks down blocks every 10 minutes or so.
What a great family fun filled day!!

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Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Wow! What a cool many different types of exhibits! Great family outing and pics!