Tuesday, September 8, 2009

206 of 354 memories...the JONAS BROTHERS!!

My daughter LOVES the Disney channel. She doesn't really have a favorite person on there, she just (in 7 year old style) loves it all!! So when Brian was offered tickets to SEE the Jonas Brothers (in case you live under a rock or else you really have a life, they are a HUGELY popular kids group, that is 3 really talented brothers) Hannah was SO excited. Her brothers wanted NO part of that concert. We invited her best bud Chloe and after an early afternoon birthday party (Emily's 3rd) and then dropping off the boys at Brian's parents (thanks Ms. C and Mr. J) we were CONCERT BOUND!!

they were just a little excited!
I love their silliness!
were here!!
cracking the glow sticks (yes I'm cheap and bring my own in :)
as you can see, they didn't care where the sticks came from!
2 sweet little girls!
me and my baby!
Jordan Sparks (the American Idol) was one of the opening acts.
go Chloe go!!
yes, he NOW officially wins "Father of the year"
I love moments like this.
me and Ms. Chloe
they decorated Brian :)
a really cool part, when the stage went up and over the crowd!!
at one part, 2 of the brothers are lifted on this rotating thing and they spray bubbles all over the crowd.
I was really impressed with Nick Jonas. He played 4 different instruments through out the show. They really are 3 very talented young men.
Hannah and Chloe had a blast and must of thanked us about a dozen times each!
Anything to see those smiles :)


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What an amazing night for your daughter and friend. I got tears looking at the pic of your daughter and hubby holding hands...sniff...so sweet.

I'm just me... said...

What an awesome treat for Hannah! Looks like fun!

Elizabeth said...

Are you two trying to go for gold in the parent olympics? If so, you're winning!

And now Brian has god-like status amongst all little girls!

How fun.


awww....thanks for sharing those pics! They are so cute and silly! Thanks again for taking her. She LOVED every minute of it! :) Great memories for sure.