Thursday, September 10, 2009

209 of 365 memories....well if the shoe fits!

I have a group project do on Friday in my Communications class. We've been learning all about the dynamics of a group and all the different parts that people play with out even really realizing it. We all assigned each other a "title". I was assigned quite a few (all really nice) but the one that was repeated in our group of 8, was the energizer.

Apparently I can "PUMP YOU UP!"

Over the weekend we had to get a picture of ourselves doing whatever our "title" was.
I thought.....ENERGIZER BUNNY!!

We had to go to the music store anyway to get Alex a new Tuba book. So what a perfect time to get a picture with a drum!!

We left with 2 new books and my picture. The workers got a good chuckle when I explained WHY I needed the picture (I don't know if the young lads were chuckling at the old lady in school or the old lady posing with a drum :) either way I don't care because I got my picture!!

We present the power point project tomorrow, wish us luck!!


I'm just me... said...

Love the pic! Even though I only know you through your blog I can totally see you as the energizer. Hope your presentations goes well!

Elizabeth said...

That is perfect! I love it.

I loved communications! Cause I talk, a lot, (too much?) Very interesting class!

I'm so thrilled for you! Now, let's see the comfy shoes you're wearing to get across campus!!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

A great title for you...and a great photo of you too!

Good luck on your project tomorrow!